Many people may not realise the extent to which unconscious stress affects the lives of children, even those in the most warm and loving of home environments. It is the main reason for bad behaviour and various other problems too. If the psyche of a child is out of kilter it can result in a variety of symptoms such as bedwetting, breathing difficulties, nightmares, fears and phobias, aggression, timidity and a great many more uncomfortable conditions.

The book explains how unconscious stress forms in a child's mind through the process of repression, and how it adversely affects their behaviour from childhood right through into adult life.

But, more importantly, it provides parents with the remedy to eliminate that stress from their children and explains how this can be achieved in a safe, uncomplicated way by using a method which is not only rewarding but also fun for both parent and child. The process is perfectly natural, and involves no more than the time honoured pleasure of story-telling.

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Not only does this book enable you to even further improve the happiness and well being of happy children, it also provides a simple and practical solution to eliminate childhood problems such as:

Bad behaviour Breathing difficulties Bed-wetting Nervousness
Lack of confidence Timidity


School phobias
Aggression Stress Fears Exam nerves
Jealousy Anxiety Obsessiveness